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In June, I had the privilege of attending Expo Milano 2015, which was an amazing exhibition of over 140 countries’ food innovation!

China : “Land of Hope, Food for Life”

One force for these interesting projects centered around the general theme of biodiversity. Of course, in the past, I have learned about biodiversity, but it wasn’t until this conference that I started to consider the role of the food industry in it.

Since my work revolves around assisting companies in attaining audit certifications, such as those for gluten-free, organic, and non-gmo products, I was interested in the role food safety has in ensuring that food products, throughout the production process, are sustainable and not being detrimental to biodiversity. This includes conscious sourcing and evaluating how suppliers farm and process their raw materials.

Slow Food pavilion
“We are what we eat.”

This photo demonstrates a wide range of superb Italian gluten-free products under the Coop private-label brand. I enjoyed many of these products from the Future Food District, state-of-the-art Coop grocery store; with interactive screens which would populate product information (nutritional information, carbon-foot print, origin/traceability) as one would select a product from the shelves. This heightened consumer experience was a hilight of my Expo experience.

Futuristic Grocery Store
Italian Gluten Free

The American Pavilion gave us a look at an emerging trend in produce: Hydroponic growing. The wall shown below was developed by Bright Agrotech and shows larger scale hydroponic growing that is suited for urban settings!

Green wall at the USA pavilion

Expo Milano 2015 was a creative portal to explore many countries’ food culture and initiatives in food innovation, sustainability efforts, and AgTech advancements.


p.s. I have to give a shout out to one of my favourite dining experiences in Italy, a quaint restaurant in downtown Milan called Trattoria da Abele Temperanza with superb fish and risotto dishes!